This procedure was designed and written up by Mike Blair (Barefoot256) ZRXOA #256. When you buy a Corbin seat for your ZRX, it doesn't come with a bracket. You either need to cannibalize your stock seat for the bracket, or make one yourself.

Materials required:

Tools required:


  1. Cut the aluminum bar stock to 7.5" (the extension beyond the mounting studs is for extra strength).
  2. Mark a line across the center of the bar. This is the centerline.
  3. Mark a line parallel to one edge along the full length @ 5/16" from one edge. This is the axis.
  4. Make a 5/8" hole at the intersection of the two lines. (Since the 5/8 hole will extend to the edge of the bar it is suggested that you use a piece of wood in the vise to protect the drill bit.)

  5. File any sharp edges that result.
  6. Hold the bar to the receptacle on the bike and mark where the holes for the screw posts should be drilled. Both holes should be centered on the line drawn in step 3 and be equal distance from the 5/8" hole.
  7. If you are so equipped, drill hole and tap threads in the bar for mounting the screw posts (otherwise just drill the hole out to the screw size you are using).
  8. Mark and drill two 15/64" holes for mounting to the seat studs.
  9. Locate where the hole for the locator tit should be, as best you can. (You may be able to use the original bracket as a pattern for this purpose)
  10. File any sharp edges.
  11. Mount the screws to the bar so they protrude 17-18mm (from under the screw head to the surface of the bar). Even if you have threaded the bar, use a nut on each side of the bar.

  12. You're done!!!!!!!