Doing your WHITE FACE gauges from TRIGGER

by knedgr with ANY mod, you COULD screw it up and have a very expensive non working part if you get it wrong. So don't come back and yell at me if you screw the pooch. I am only describing how I did it. My skills are/could be different from yours and this could be a big difference on the outcome.


Tools you will need to do this:
10mm socket and 1/4" ratchet
8mm socket
#1 phillips screwdriver
#2 phillips screwdriver
very small regular (flat-blade) screw driver (x 2)
Small needle nose pliers (I have a precision set)
6mm allen wrench

1. Remove your fairing so you can access the instrument cluster
2. Remove speedometer cable from back of speedo housing
3. dis-connect the two wire connectors that go to the tach/speedo housing
4. Using the 10mm socket and ratchet, remove the two nuts on the underside of the housing that hold it in the fairing bracket and remove speedo/tach cluster
5. Using #2 phillips screwdriver, remove three phillips screws from back of housing (housing will come off)
6. Remove housing cover exposing the back of housing
7. Using 8mm wrench, remove three nuts/washers holding black bracket on back of housing
8. Using #2 phillips again, remove the 6 gold colored screws that hold the white plastic housing to the cluster (idiot light bezel will come off with the lower 2 screws)
9. Looking at the gauge faces...the small plastic (black) pins that keep the needles from going below the lowest number...remove carefully with tiny screwdriver. BE CAREFUL not to damage this, you will need it later.
OPTION- slightly bend needle up and over small pin, you will remove the small pin after you remove the gauge face
10. Let the needles go to their natural resting position, will be around the 6-7 o'clock position (take the time to see how freely the tach needle moves when you flick it a little bit (you will need this little tidbit of info when you install it)
11. MARK the white plastic housing where the needle points to in its natural position.
12. To remove the needles...using small needle nose and very small screwdriver (or two small screwdrivers), pry up using equal pressure on both sides using the screwheads as a leverage point on both sides. Be careful and take your time the needle off slowly and it will pop off. The tach needle will have a pin still attached to the needle when you pull it out...BE CAREFUL here and make sure you pull it straight out, slowly.
13. With both needles now removed, use the #1 screwdriver and remove the 4 small screws on the gauge faces and remove the faces. DO NOT MOVE THE SPEEDO POST, just be careful not to touch it.
14. INSTALLATION of the new faces
15. Paint the tips of your needles a bright color for easier viewing...I did mine with GREEN. TIP: Do not paint the sides of the may stick to the post after installation
16. Position the new white gauges and install the 4 screws that hold them on. Be careful not to strip them out by overtightening them.
17. Install the speedo needle carefully lining up the needle with the mark you made earlier in it's natural resting position.
18. Install the Tach needle and post carefully lining up with the mark you made earlier in it's natural resting position and make sure you push it in slowly and straight.
19. Here's the tricky part...once the needle is back in flick it a little bit like you did earlier. Does it move the same??? IF so, then reinstall the black pin while holding the needle above the 0 mark. IF NOT, then check to see if the needle is inserted too far...pull the needle and shaft out a little, and flick it again. Keep doing this till you get the same movement you had before you removed it and it goes back to the same natural resting position. Once you have it moving the same as it was before you removed it, reinstall the small black pin while holding the needle above the 0 mark.
20. Install the bezels and reinstall the 6 gold phillips screws
(TIP) You might want to install new bulbs while you have it apart or install LEDS like I did If you do install LED's, check to make sure they all work by plugging in the housing and testing it out, you may have to flip the bulb around in the socket as they are polarized and only work one way.
21. Reinstall the bracket and put on the 3 washers and 3 nuts and tighten with 8mm wrench
22. Reinstall the housing cover and install the 3 phillips screws. Your gauges are now back together and can be reinstalled back on the bike.
23. Install the housing and install the two 10mm nuts and tighten
24. Plug the two wire connectors back together
25. Check to make sure all is working and lighting up like it is supposed to. Start the bike and check that the tach is working properly.
26. Reinstall the speedo cable and tighten
27. Reinstall the fairing if all is good.

You can PM or email me if you need any assistance with this. This info was compiled with my experience and the wise helpings of zrx/mopar.