Changing the Panel Lights

1. Take the fairing off.
2. Undo the bolts holding the instrument cluster.
3. Undo 3 screws on the back cover
4. The instrument bulbs pull straight out.


Back of instrument panel

Instrument bulbs

Go to any auto part store and get bulb type 168, 190 and 194 are all the same "style" and fit in the socket, but they are different wattage.


Possible NAPA replacements for the stock bulbs
(compiled by ZEERX)

Part #161---This lamp is for the instrument floods.
14 volt
2.66 watt
.19 amp
candlepower 1
life 4000

This will probably work because your pushing 12 volts through a lamp rated at 14. Less volts might compensate for a little higher wattage in not producing too much heat.

Part #17037---This lamp is the small instrument lamp for the oil,water, and second speedo lamp.

12 volt
1.2 watts
.10 amps
candlepower .48
life 1000

part #2723---This lamp is for the turn, neutral, and high beam.

12 volt
2.4 watts
.20 amps
candlepower 1.5
life 1100

I have tried all these new lamps side by side with the stock lamps in a pitch black room and can see no difference. The 2723 and 17037 lamps are slightly smaller than the stock ones but they still snap in and work.