PIAA Super White Replacement H-4 Headlamp Installation

by Steve Corliss

I just installed a replacement headlamp from PIAA. This bulb simply replaces the stock headlight bulb. See the installation steps below.  The whole process took about 15 minutes. Not bad, considering bike is 4 days old and this is the first time disassembling the anything on the ZRX.

The bulb is the Platinum Series Super White Halogen Part No. 15060. Cost - $42.95.

It is a bit expensive, and I'm sure that better deals could be found by shopping around mail order parts houses, or on the web, but I wanted better lighting now.

PIAA claims that the light "performs like a 110/100 watt bulb", and that it draws fewer amps than the OEM bulb does. And so far, I would be inclined to agree with the statement about the 110/100w performance.  I do not have an ammeter to check the actual draw on the system, so I cannot confirm the claim about it drawing less amperage.

According to the dealer, PIAA gives a lifetime warrantee on the bulb, although there is no indication of that anywhere on the box, or on the paperwork that comes with the bulb.

The light pattern is flat and wide. Very tightly focused, and boy, it certainly is white! No comparison with the OEM factory bulb. It makes night riding with the OEM bulb feel like you're using a candle to light the road.  It is a definite improvement, and I highly recommend the upgrade.

Personally, I would like even more light when I ride. That being the case, I will also be trying out one of the 80/120w halogen bulbs soon, as well as one of the new Xenon filled bulbs in a higher than stock wattage.

After running the bike for about 15 minutes, the headlight is indeed cooler than when using the OEM factory bulb.

Installation Procedure
(It is a good idea to disconnect the negative lead from the battery before proceeding with the installation.) Installation is the reverse of removal.

NOTE: The bulbs are very sensitive to oil and dirt from your hands. Do not touch the bulb at all. If you do touch the bulb, you can use acetone or alcohol to clean it before installation. I like to clean the bulbs before installation anyway since I don't rely on the cleanliness from the manufacturer.