Kellerman Turn Signals


Kellermann micro 1000 turn signals, measures 2 5/8 in long and 5/8 in round.

Here's the link Wild Hair

Mounted on bike

To fix the voltage difference so they don't blink too fast.

Go to Checker/Shuggs/Kragen and buy a Triton electronic heavy duty Flasher. Change the stock wire terminals for ones that fit, plug it in, fixed!

To mount them.

Take the two holed washer out from the backside and put it on top,
 use a fender washer with an 8mm hole on the back,
 put a 10mm old piece of fuel line on the turn signal threads as a spacer,
 stick thru and tighten.
 Use a 6x25mm allen in the extra small hole as a stylish finishing piece. No drilling or cutting necessary.

Fronts mount the same way.