General Info:

When will the fan come on?
Fan comes on 203-214 degrees F.

When will the temperate idiot light come on?
Light comes on 236-238 degrees F.

What is the PSI rating of the radiator cap?
The Service Manual says the ZRX cap is rated at 14 ~ 18 psi and the system is rated at 18 psi. This way, the cap will open before the system (radiator, hoses, etc) blow open.


Checking the gauges on a ZR1200B (non-US model):

Water Temperature Gauge Inspection (ZR1200B)

1. remove the fuel tank
2. pull of the water temperature sensor connector (picture)

ddk: look at your radiator cap, back from the radiator cap is a bleeder bolt (nipple), back from the bleeder bolt is the water temperature sensor connector (white/yellow wire)

3. Prepare the auxiliary wire and the operation of the gauge

ddk: the "auxiliary wire" could be a wire that's already there and laying unused for this test or it could be a user added wire to ground for use in this test. Can anyone confirm?

Water Temperature Gauge Operation check

Ignition Switch Position: ON
Wire Location: Female, Sensor Connector (disconnected)

o gauge should read C when connector wire is opened
o gauge should read H when connector wire is grounded to engine

* CAUTION * Do not ground the wiring longer than necessary. After the needle swings to the H position, stop the test. Otherwise the gauge could be damaged.

* If the gauge readings are correct, the water temperature sensor is bad. If these readings are not obtained, the trouble is with the gauge or wiring
* Check the water temperature gauge circuit wiring
* If all wiring and components other than the water temperature gauge unit check out good, the unit is defective