Aftermarket Brakes
by dave

Competition Accessories

Product #: 15-8143
Makes brake bleeding a one person job.
Allows fluid and air to escape but prevents air from reentering the system.
Instructions and hose included.
Our Price: $17.95

Product #: LO-MV
Did you know you should change your brake fluid at regular intervals?
Do the job right and get rid of air in the system with the Mightyvac.
Our Price: $41.95

EBC Carbon Graphite Pads are blended with Kevlar fiber and Graphite particles
impregnated with bronzed Graphite powder to enhance lifetime. The Carbon
Graphite construction ensures a cool operation of the disc pad, reducing heat
transfer to the brake caliper and system hydraulics.

Made in the USA EBC's "Double-H" Sintered Brake Pads have an unprecedented
0.68 friction level delivering massive stopping power on all street/sport and race
bikes. They are also kind to discs and the world's first aftermarket brake pad
delivered with stainless steel radiator plates to reduce heat conduction into
the hydraulics.

Our Price: $37.99 FA188HH Front
$31.99 FA161HH Rear

Galfer USA Galfer Distributors

The US models of ZRX have the part numbers are as follows for
Galfer Brake Pads & Rotors & Lines.

97-01 ZRX 1100, Front pad: FD156, Rear pad: FD111, Front Rotor: DF169,
Rear Rotor: DF197, Brake Lines: FK003D242 (2 line front, Superbike front
(originally founded with the help of Cycle Brakes and a local ZRXOA member),
Rear line and Clutch line)
01-06 ZRX 1200, All parts same except, Rear Rotor: DF198

Beginning in late 2005, Galfer Wave rotors are now available for the rear.

Cycle Brakes
offer ZRXOA members 15% off Galfer retail prices.  They
also give discounts on all other items including EBC - brake cleaners,
brake fluid, and brake bleeders (Mitivac/ Speedbleeders).

European Motorcycle Accessories

PFM Supersport Upgrade Discs
These rotors are a direct bolt on upgrade for use with existing standard calipers.
The high grade iron rotors give superior braking power and bite with less fade due
to even heat dissipation. The dog drive design spreads the load between rotor and
carrier reducing wear between the components and eliminating the loose buttons
associated with traditional floating rotors.
PFM Supersport Upgrade Discs $389.00ea.
Email for application.

PFM Superbike Conversion Kits
The same full brake conversion kit used by many Superbike racing teams.
These kits offer awesome progressive stopping power and reduce unsprung weight.
The 6 piston calipers mount directly to the existing mountings and are designed to
be used with the standard master cylinder. The 320mm narrow track buttonless iron
rotors are patented. Included: 6 piston racing calipers, 320mm buttonless iron rotors,
high performance brake pads, and Goodrich braided steel brake lines.
PFM Superbike Conversion Kits $1529.00
Email for application.

03 "EVO" front discs 290>320mm
Cast Iron - $419.95
Steel - $419.95

"EVO" front discs 290>320mm
Cast Iron - $419.95
Steel - $419.95

Brake Master Cylinder 17 Or 20mm
Clutch Master Cylinder
Completely CNC machined billet GP radial master cylinder 17 or 20 mm - weight 12oz with lever

All PFM brakes are for "racing" and "off road" applications only and are not intended for street use.