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New goodies arriving soon. Check back for updates.

Kwick handles the ZRXOA finances.
Please send all donations and other payments to him.


See the latest swag that you can get for your donation here


The EMAIL ADDRESS to use with Paypal
for ZRXOA funds is

The ZRXOA is dependant on donations of time and money for the operation and upkeep of this website. Donations are used to pay for software, our web server, and various other things required to operate a web site. We also purchase premiums which are given to those who donate, and sometimes we send a charitable donation to someone in need.

We are currently out of swag. You can still make a donation if you like, but there are no goodies to send out. Check back later.


Checks or money orders can be made out and sent to:

Pete Aronson
6305 West Del Rio St.,
Chandler, AZ 85226


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