Avatar and Signature Guidelines

The general guidelines for avatar and signature usage are as follows:

1 - Absolutely no sexual, lewd, profane, or racist pics or text, or anything designed to anger or injure others.
2 - Generally, pics that feature human body parts, whether clothed or not, are not allowed. This would include images of women or men jiggling, shaking, or otherwise flaunting or displaying body parts.
3 - No violence, or pics of the results of violence.

Please remember that some of our members view the message board in public places, at work, at school, and at home. We feel it is a matter of respect for our fellow members that we not post publicly (such as in avatars and signatures) images and/or text that offends. Also remember that some of us can get into big trouble for even inadvertently opening web pages that feature nudity, sexual content, or racist content. No matter how innocent YOU feel your avatar or signature is, others may not feel the same way.

We have found that there is no way we can, in advance, decide what can or cannot be used as an avatar or signature. It seems that every time we post a rule someone finds a way round it. All avatars will be allowed, with the exceptions mentioned above, but if they are later deemed to be inappropriate they will be removed. In most instances it will be fairly clear that the image is unacceptable, but sometimes a decision will be hard to make. In those instances the moderator will discuss it with other mods and the admins, and a decision of suitability will be made based on those discussions.

All appeals of our decisions are to be made in the Avatars & Signature forum. We will be more than happy to discuss the image or signature publicly, but we won’t engage in long, drawn-out arguments about the decisions. We’ll listen, and explain nicely, but once we’ve done that we won’t continue to argue our point of view against yours. I imagine that we will sometimes even change our position, based on your arguments and clarifications.

Biker is the avatar and signature moderator. What he says is final, and the other moderators and the message board administrators are committed to standing behind his decisions regarding avatars and signatures, and the consequences for those who insist on ignoring our guidelines or constantly pushing the limits of the guidelines. Be assured that not all of the admins and mods will always be in total agreement with the decisions, but we will always stand together in support of the decisions.

Biker will be your go-to guy for questions about what you can use, and he will answer all your questions about your avatar and about avatars that others use but you have an issue with. Posting your questions or comments is the preferred method of contacting biker, but you may send him a Private Message if you need to. Please be courteous in your usage and discussions of avatars and signatures.

I apologize for the long post. I know it won’t answer all questions, and it basically contains only a few hard and fast rules, but it does explain what we would like to see (or not see!) posted as avatars and in signatures. There are thousands of us in the ZRXOA, and there is no way we can make only one rule and one statement that covers all the possible scenarios that might occur.

I hope that this clears things up for all of you. I am willing to change any of the above general guidelines if it can be demonstrated that they should be changed. This is just the first draft of the proposals, so it probably won’t remain in its present form, but it most certainly won’t stray far from what it is now.

chuckc – ZRXOA president and message board administrator