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    1993 ZR 1100 Silver


    I don't know if this is a great price but you don't see these often.

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    Re: 1993 ZR 1100 Silver

    Price is too high.
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    Re: 1993 ZR 1100 Silver

    Cool Look, they had a problem with 2 no gear too I heard, but still looks cool!

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    Re: 1993 ZR 1100 Silver

    Looks pretty good! I donít think Iíve ever seen a silver one.

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    Re: 1993 ZR 1100 Silver

    That is about the going price for a clean low mileage ZR-1100 these days.

    Not sure about the silver - looks like it was repainted. The grab rail on the Zephyr is usually color matched, and this one is black. Also, I have never seen silver as an OEM color for the ZR-1100 here in the US.

    2nd gear is an issue for many ZR-1100's - the second one I bought has a blown 2nd gear.

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