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    Bandit Lines & Trail Work

    We've recently seen an increase of bandit trail activity (bailing off the established trail into the woods to try and bypass the hard stuff) at the park, which is a huge no-no that will have the powers that be coming down on us hard. They watch this park like a hawk and look for any excuse to close trail and limit our access.

    Surprisingly, this current rash of trail blazing is being done by mountain bike riders. Damn, if you can't make it up the hard stuff just pick up your damned bike and hike up. Don't cut new line. Once a new line starts, it doesn't take long to get cut down to the same ledge section the new line was intended to avoid. Then another new line forms, and on, and on...

    So to nip the situation in the bud we made up some signs and posted them around the park at some of the known problem spots.

    While posting the signs and building up barricading I got to witness first hand the struggles some of the dirt bike riders are having at this particular location, which in this case is the easy line. Ended up pushing and pulling four bikes up this section, that really shouldn't have been that much of a struggle. But I did get to see the problems they were having and saw the need to "restore the easy" in an effort to prevent the side trail blazing.

    Usually we build up rock "helper" steps in situations like this, but that is hugely labor intensive and getting materials (rock, mortar, etc.) back to some of these areas quite difficult. So I decided to take a different and easier approach, as an experiment. I was able to get all the tools and materials packed in with one trip, and completed this in just a few hours working solo. Hoping this proves to be a viable solution with some longevity, which would give us confidence to employ this method at other areas as needed.

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