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    2012-2018 ZX14 Owners, I have a question...

    EDIT: Through comparing part numbers across several years, we figured out there are three basic generations of ZX14 (please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong). The '06-'11, '12-'14' and '15-'18+.
    We found that all use the same lower triple clamp, tire and rim size, rotor (per galfer), springs (per RaceTech), calipers interchange (to some extent). They all have the same fork seals and many internal parts, but there are differences in valving. They all use the same axle and spacers. I'll share more as I tackle the ZX14 USD fork conversion on my ZRX.

    Can anyone with a 2012-2018 model confirm a couple of dimensions for me?

    Static length of the forks, centerline of front axle to top of fork leg?

    Diameter of fork leg in the triple clamps?

    I'm researching parts compatibility and it seems the '06-'11 and '12-'18 share lots of internals, lower triple clamp, etc. Just looking for some confirmation.

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