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    How a 750 Mach 4 is made


    Hope this link works, cool video of some of the production.

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    Re: How a 750 Mach 4 is made

    interesting. Thanks for posting.
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    Re: How a 750 Mach 4 is made

    No FB, so cannot see the article. This may be totally off-base, but...Ö...local member here in B'ham, "Anotherusername" (Mark), has a 1972 H2- 4cylinder 1,000cc Triple+1. He bought it a few years back at the Barber Festival, looks totally stock except with 4 pipes (and extra jug) instead of three......people walking by would take a double-look, and scratch their heads. It was NOT built by that British guy (millnard or ???)Ö.I want to say a guy in Memphis built it (?). Mark parked it at our swap meet spot for a few hours while he went home to get a trailer.
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    Re: How a 750 Mach 4 is made

    Thanks, I love the way he pumped the front brake lever.
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    Re: How a 750 Mach 4 is made

    Don't have FB either, but can view it just fine on the laptop and smartphone. In fact, I find myself lusting greatly.
    Thanks. That's cool!

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    Re: How a 750 Mach 4 is made

    Thanks for that as I hadnít seen that one. Thatís a 1973 H2A model featured in the purple color.
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    Re: How a 750 Mach 4 is made

    Great video
    Arash (pronounced "our-ash")

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