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    Preventive Maintenance on 05 Canyon

    We have had a 2005 GMC Canyon Z85 Crew Cab 2wd 3.5L I5 since new, has 155k miles on it now. Goal is to get 300K+ miles on it and figure it's time to for some PM work, the only work that has been required has been a couple of emission sensors. Also, replaced the exhaust manifold/catalytic converter with a stainless tube header/converter combo when the stock unit developed a leak.

    The following has already been done
    Mobile 1 & AC Delco filter every 5k miles
    Water pump, fan clutch, belt, hoses @ 145k miles
    front coil-overs, Bilstein rear shocks, larger front sway bar and added rear sway bar @ 90k
    Front hub/bearings (Moog) @155k (today)
    Front Vented/drilled front rotors & ceramic pads @155k (today)
    Drums/brakes on rear @ 140k
    Changed brake fluid every 50k miles
    Trans fluid filter @ 90k
    Air Filter changed on schedule
    Gibson cat-back @ 60k
    Plugs @ 80k & 125k

    Planned in the next month
    front calipers & stainless brake lines (stock rubber lines & 15 years, its time), do the master cylinder too?
    Electric fan conversion with a v8 radiator (holds more fluid & increased trans fluid cooling) - sitting in traffic the temp will rise slightly, started that @125k miles, not bad just a tick on the gauge
    Rear differential fluid/grease change

    Thought about replacing the fuel pump due to age & miles but then again if it's not broke

    Along with wanting to get many more miles & years I hate to break-down, any other suggestions? Tie-rods & ball joints seem to be in good shape (checked today). Only had two alignments in the life of the truck along with 3 sets of tires (Pirelli, Michelins lasted 85k, and currently Hankook) Has had Billet specialties wheels since new (17x8) and tire wear has been great, first alignment when we installed the wheels & then on the second set of tires, no unusual wear on the front tires since the second alignment. Occasionally pull a trailer but only have a Kendon now, not much weight there.

    Any suggestions for additional PM work? Replacing the radiator since I'll drain the coolant for the electric fan, and miles/age, seem they are more like consumable goods today. Thought about adding a transmission cooler & external filter but since I don't really tow anything may not be needed.

    On the lookout for a front seat replacement, the foam seems to be showing it's age.

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    Re: Preventive Maintenance on 05 Canyon

    I installed an electric fan on my Saleen.
    The power increase was impressive.
    The fuel system would have heat foaming of the fuel and basically quit on me when it was hot out, vapor-lock of sorts. Depress the schrader and foan fuel would come out.

    I put a Police spec Ford fan clutch and mechanical fan back on. Ran cool as a cucumber. Noisy and hurt the power, but the 120º temp was never an issue from then on.


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    Re: Preventive Maintenance on 05 Canyon

    I've heard going to a thicker trans fluid like amsoil cures shudder their known for.

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    Re: Preventive Maintenance on 05 Canyon

    Sometimes too much preventive work is a calculated risk or fix till broke syndrome , I would research what issues are of concern and fix them.
    My 99 Dakota with 188k, has and still serves me well, most of the same things you mentioned, I've done over the years, no big issues, at this mileage it uses 2qts of oil between oil changes at 5-6k, it still get basically same gas mileage, 17 avg.mpg not bad IMO for brick shaped V8/4wd truck.

    Orig. owner, 99 ZRX, 61k+
    Stick coils, DIM Harness
    Cam degree 105 int.,107 exh.
    Fact. 1.0 w/Ti.,108 MJ
    Airbox w/ K+N
    Full Akro
    OEM ign. +5 Adv
    Dyno 131.7 HP/80.4 TQ.
    Ohlins RS, Race tech fork
    Fork brace+Steering damper




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