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    New Member, New Bike, No Clue!

    Hi all
    New UK member. Just purchased a lovely ZRX400 Japanese import and getting ready to get it through its MOT and on road. Has anyone any idea where I can get a service manual? Can find in Japanese and other spurious links that claim it's available in English, but they lead me nowhere.
    If there are any other 400 owners out there who may have any tips/recommendations that would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: New Member, New Bike, No Clue!

    Welcome aboard Niall!

    We have electronic copies of the 1100/1200, but maybe someone here has access to one for a 400.
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    Re: New Member, New Bike, No Clue!

    Welcome to ZRXOA!!!

    You may try The Manuals Library - manualslib.com

    I found old Bandit and V Strom manuals on there. Free downloads. Keep us posted about your search.

    Good Luck
    Big Harry

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    Re: New Member, New Bike, No Clue!

    Welcome Niall to the best forum and congratulations on the 400 if you need a hand let me know Iím up near Glasgow
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    Re: New Member, New Bike, No Clue!

    Welcome .

    Wish he could get the 400 ZRX here in the US .
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