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    Any photo experts around

    When my brother passed away a few years ago I inherited his photography equipment. If I want to take a picture I just use my cell phone. I have this stuff and Iím not really sure if itís worth anything. If anybody here does photography as a career or as a hobby maybe you could chime in and let me know what you think this stuff is worth. Thanks
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    Re: Any photo experts around

    Some years ago, an elderly neighbor of ours passed away. His wife got around to going thru some of his stuff and came across a Canon 35mm camera and a bunch of gear. Several lenses, a tripod, gear bag and such.

    I used to have a Nikon F2 35mm, camera when I was in the service. Back then, it was at the top of the list. I sold it prior to leaving the military to buy more stereo equipment.

    Once home, I bought an Olympus 35mm camera. I still have it. As far as I know, 35mm cameras just don't have the value they used to.

    The wife of the neighbor of ours, gave me her husband's camera and all the equipment. I told that that I already had a camera, but I would try and sell her hubby's stuff for her. I did my best and only a call or two and they were low ball offers. I did this for about a year or so.

    Within that year, the woman's daughters came to get her and place her in an assisted-care facility. I offered to return the camera but they told me to keep it.

    I ended up giving it to my grand-daughter back then, as she was expressing some interest in photography. Not sure if she still has it or not, or if she has even used it.

    I also had others tell me that 35mm cameras are fading away for the general public. Too big and bulky and expensive to have photos developed.

    Hope that you might have better luck with what you have if you should decide to sell.
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    Re: Any photo experts around

    I am not a pro, but have a lot of time behind an SLR. Sadly, the advance of the technology has left a lot of hardware behind. Canon makes a good product, and Tamron is well regarded aftermarket. Buyers prefer the new styles and capabilities, and as you noted you can take a decent picture with your phone these days. Cash value is not high, but you will want to change/charge batteries, remove old memory card and put a new one in. Confirm that all appears to be working and do one of two things.

    You may want to learn how to take good pictures and learn about lighting to give people one of the rarest of photos--portraits they can enjoy and use for board profiles, bios, and blogging. Good portrait photography is truly an art and science, quickly vanishing from the landscape as candid shots, selfies and grab shots are found to be "good enough".

    The other option is to take the equipment to a photo shop or pawn shop to see what they offer. It's all profit to you, but you will be lowballed because that is how the game is played. Don't be shy about respectfully declining to have your pockets picked. I would be surprised if more than $150 was offered, but there may be other gear such as cases, cables, etc that may make the package more valuable.

    I am sorry about the loss of your brother, no matter how remote the event. The highest value of the equipment is family ties and memories.
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    Re: Any photo experts around

    I wouldíve honestly thought the lenses would be worth more than the camera now. But yeah I canít imagine that thereís too much monetary value to them. My brother did take some really nice pictures with that set up of his but then he always had a big camera around his neck at family gatherings and stuff.


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