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    I知 drinking the Kool Aid

    ACF-50 that is.
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    Re: I知 drinking the Kool Aid

    Grape flavored ;-)

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    Re: I知 drinking the Kool Aid

    Showroom shiny.
    I'm not completely useless. I can always be used as a bad example.

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    Re: I知 drinking the Kool Aid

    clean machine..


    April 2016 BOTM

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    Re: I知 drinking the Kool Aid

    Looks Great!

    I just wiped her down with some myself.

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    Re: I知 drinking the Kool Aid

    I'm a convert

    2007 - Ixil SlipOn Exhaust, BW Headers, NoFlo's, Uni Pods, +4 ELS Advancer, FP Jetting


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