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Thread: LTD 1000 C.L.

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    Re: LTD 1000 C.L.

    La Tee Da I liked them for the cast wheels and triple discs. If you put a dyna ignition ,drag bars and a Kerker and smoothbores on it and removed the chrome fender it was acceptable.

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    Re: LTD 1000 C.L.

    That looks to be a pretty nice bike... not a bad price either.


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    Re: LTD 1000 C.L.

    Back in their day, I thought the LTD's were to die for.
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    Re: LTD 1000 C.L.

    Saw one do a 150' burn out past my mothers house in 78.

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    Quote Originally Posted by youngzrxer View Post
    Perko has a good point though....

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    Re: LTD 1000 C.L.

    I had the similar KZ650 same type wheels and triple disk 79 as well with the blue and gold stripes. Great bike and so tempting to buy the 1000 but full up on bikes.


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