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    RIP Luigi Colani

    Design mastermind Luigi Colani died at age 91. I don't know if he was as reknown in the US as he was here in Europe but he designed some pretty cool stuff. He hated corners and angles and tried to design everything as smooth and organic as possible. In many aspects he was way ahead of his time.

    We have two "Lusch" chairs like the ones offered here "CLICKME" but we got them in far better condition and way less expensive than those offered under that link.

    He also designed many vehicles...
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    Not everthing was in everyones taste but he was innovative and a unique guy.

    RIP Mr. Colani.
    Godspeed Jaco. You're missed down here mate.

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    Re: RIP Luigi Colani

    Very kewl.

    RIP Luigi (one of my all time favorite names).
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    Re: RIP Luigi Colani

    Quote Originally Posted by Black-ZRX View Post
    RIP Luigi - this thing is AMAZING!

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