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Thread: 85 GPZ750

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    85 GPZ750

    Not mine. Looks clean. Near Raleigh, NC:


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    Re: 85 GPZ750

    Damn that's cool...... my Dad (rwynant) had that bike from 1983.... and I grew up on the back of it.
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    Re: 85 GPZ750

    I might be mistaken, but I think I recall a friend of a friend of mine who had one, but his was a factory turbo.

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    Re: 85 GPZ750

    Nice one but quite some price expectations too. They don't sell that high here.

    "James Bond button" I like that. My little Gipsy has that too and I find it very useful.
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    Re: 85 GPZ750

    I prefer the Firecracker Red version, but that looks clean enough. Wrong side of the pond for me though sadly


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