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    Re: ZRX w/314 miles!

    Wow!! I wonder if the tires are original. So we need tires, all fluids changed, battery, i may pm the guy
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    Re: ZRX w/314 miles!

    Quote Originally Posted by godblessamerica View Post
    Wow!! I wonder if the tires are original. So we need tires, all fluids changed, battery, maybe Front fork seals, also may have a ledge on the clutch plates from sitting with oil on it for all this time, wonder what the reserve price is?
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    Any 15-20 year old bike/car will always need freshening up.


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    Re: ZRX w/314 miles!

    Item locations: Lawndale,NC . Thatís right down the road awhile. In fact, according to map it is 66 miles away, if he were to get on his ZRX and ride it into my garage it would still only have 380 miles on itís odometer. INCREDIBLE !
    Now at $2247.22 reserve not met...

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    Re: ZRX w/314 miles!

    Gassed up n ready to go
    Goodbye my friends we miss you

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