Not Mine

I've been fighting the reality, but I have to sell my ride. Bought it in 2008 with just a few thousand miles on it, got a baby boy now so its time to go. I want to be very clear about the condition of the bike. It is not without some scars. It has a salvage title. I fire it up every month or so and ride a couple miles just to keep things from gelling up. The battery doesn't really hold a charge, needs to be replaced. Those are the negatives.

Other than some scratches and needing a new battery the bike runs great. The salvage title comes from when it was parked on the street and someone came by and clipped my Happy Trails side case. I argued the bike was unrideable and the insurance cashed me out. That was in 2012 I believe. I put on a new sub frame just to be sure and just removed the frame for the cases. Have been riding it without any hint of a problem since then. I've put on some goodies: big windshield, Mad-stad bracket, electric hand grip warmers, hand guards, highway pegs, engine plate, rear plastic case and sheepskin seat cover.

At the end of the day this will be the most fun you can own for $1500. I have had some great adventures on it and it has a lot of life left. I think it has about 50K miles, but battery is dead so I will update when I fire it up next time. It definitely has less than 60K. I have maintained it very well, did all the fluid changes myself, brought it in for larger services like timing to Suzuki dealer. Tires are fairly new.

I am in Irvine, CA, any reasonable offer can take it away. Need room for strollers and other less fun stuff in the garage! I have a bunch of gear as well that I am selling, so hit me up if you are looking. Have Dainese leather jacket, mesh jacket, race boots, full leather race suit, Boeri helmet, gloves, rain gear. Also trying to sell women's gear set up. I'll probably do another post for gear.