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    ZX14r lighting upgrades

    These old man eyes need all the help they can get at night - payback for me making fun of older guys and night vision when I was younger . The ZX14r light are aimed ridiculously low from the factory so I adjusted them up to a more reasonable height and then I upgraded all of the external lights. Here's what I put in:


    PIAA 19665 H9 Xtreme White Plus High Performance Halogen (65w) - these are 65w 4k (whiter) lights that give you the visibility of 130w regular lights (according to PIAA). I had to modify the two bulbs I put into the low beam sockets (basically cut a plastic rib off the inside of the connector and clip a little off one of the metal tabs). That made a HUGE difference in night time vision! I've yet to be flashed for brights - and I get brighted all the time in my Mustang (with stock HIDs).

    City lights:

    PIAA Xtreme White Bulbs 168 - 5W Wedge 72020 - also 4k

    In this pic the city light on the upper right is the stock bulb so you can see the color difference of the light:

    and these are with all the bulbs upgraded:

    The turn signals got BAU15S-A18-T-2PK amber LEDS and a LF1-S-FLAT electronic flash relay from superbrightleds.com

    The tail light is a Blaster-X from customleds.com . It allows you to integrate your taillights into it (has two wires you attach to the turn signal wire) if you'd like. I like the turn signals on the 14R so I'm not using that feature. There's all sort of options with how it flashes when you apply the brakes ( https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/01...ctions.pdf?102 ) as well as how bright it is ( https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/01...80809106015834 ).

    Here's a video. The first segment is just the front lights and signals. 2nd segment is showing how it strobes when I apply the brakes. 3rd segment is the demo mode that shows how the turn signals would work, etc.

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    Re: ZX14r lighting upgrades

    You can never have too much light at night. Those upgrade look awesome. I like the white light so much better than the yellow spectrum.

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