I've decided that making people change their signatures and avatars was wrong, so that rule is being removed.

Here are some other key points regarding the current set of revised rules, which are located here. Please read them.

- Members can restore their signatures and avatars that included political and/or religious content.

- Signatures and avatars with political content are only allowed provided they are not negative or attack others per the rules of conduct.

- Religious expression anywhere on the board (including signatures and avatars) is 100% unrestricted.

- Attacks on members expressing their religious views will not be tolerated.

- What constitutes an attack or negative is determined by the moderators.

None of this is up for public debate so this thread is being closed, but feel free to send me a PM if you wish to talk about it.

I apologize for the inconvenience to all the members that altered their signatures & avatars last week because of that rule. I thank all of you for your patience, understanding, and most of all your civility in helping me refine the ZRXOA rules post P&R closure.

Some folks decided to retaliate and it has resulted in loss of their forum privileges. The below guidelines for violations of the no politics rules are still in effect, but if a member attempts to smear or otherwise attack the site or moderators, they may lose their privileges on the board indefinitely without being consulted. Posting on this message board is a privilege, not a right.

Don't be surprised if your thread or post that has any remote resemblance or potential for a political discussion is immediately removed.


The Politics & Religion (P&R) section of the forum has been permanently removed from the board.

Effective immediately, any topics or discussion relating to politics is not allowed.

Any content that violates this rule will be removed at the discretion of the ZRXOA moderator team.

Infractions will be issued to members for each instance that this policy is violated.

1st violation: Mods will inform you of the problem with your post and issue an infraction.

2nd violation: Infraction and 1 week ban

3rd violation: Infraction and 30 day ban

4 or more violations: Punishment for gross violators of this policy will be at the discretion of the moderator team.

Message Board Policy & Rules