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    Message Board Policy & Rules

    Posting on this message board is a privilege, not a right. We reserve the right to deny you the privilege, without explanation. Sending money to support the message board does not give you any rights.

    No nudity or pornography anywhere except in the Nudes & Crudes forum.

    No racism or hatred posting against any individual or group of individuals. Bigotry makes for a divisive and unwelcoming environment for all members. The ZRXOA views all people/ motorcyclists as equals in race, sex and more. Comments that encourage, include, or troll with divisive comments of such are subject to review and suspension. Tolerance on these specific issues are determined by the moderators.

    No personal attacks on other members, which can include name calling, it will not be tolerated, you may lose your privileges on the board, for a while or indefinitely.

    Members that smear or otherwise attack the site or moderators are subject to suspension and or removal.

    We ask that you generally refrain from using cuss words except in the Nudes & Crudes forum, and the Shooting the Bull forum, where you are allowed to post pretty much any word you want to post. Do it too much or too often and we might step in to prevent you from embarrassing yourself. Never post cuss words in thread titles.

    Please refrain from political topics on your posts. Those topics are not allowed anywhere on the forum, with an exception for signatures and avatars.

    Signatures and avatars with political content are allowed provided they are not negative or attack others per the rules of conduct above. PM a moderator if you are in doubt and we are more than happy to help.

    Debate to your heart's content with passion and conviction, but direct assaults on individual users in the form of name calling, harassment, posting personal information, trolling, e-sniping, baiting, and rude private messages will not be tolerated. Attacks on members expressing their religious views will not be tolerated. Remember that you're on a stage in front of thousands of readers/members, even though it may feel like a small room.

    It is our policy to allow you a reasonable amount of latitude to post anything you want to post that does not violate the rules, but we always reserve the right to delete it without consulting you. Your "right of free speech" ends when you login to the message board.

    Some forums have Forum Policy Notices. Those policies take precedence over this general policy statement.

    If you violate any of our policies, we will inform you of the problem and ask you to get in line. If you do it again, you might not be allowed to post any more.

    We have a diverse group of people in the ZRXOA, from total hellions to people with extremely high morals.
    Be considerate of other members who may have differing views of decency. We have given everyone a place to post anything they wish to post, with the exceptions stated above, so post in the proper place. We cannot and will not be responsible for any content on this message board.

    This world is far from sterile. If you don't like some things in certain forums, DON'T GO THERE.

    We reserve the right to delete anything we don't like.

    This board is dedicated to friendship and camaraderie. Sometimes it's better to just let things slide rather than to start a raging war simply because you disagree with something. Above all - have fun.
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