I hated the Hayabusa for a long time. It's been around longer than all Hyper bikes. It caught the rap of a brother bike getting stupidly done with spikes /300 tires
Being a huge ZX11D fan, and loving the ZX12 you would think the ZX14, AND 14R Would be my next step.
Having ridden all versions of the ZX I just felt the 14 feel short, and was reaching near Ducati level of service.

Started reading hundreds of articles, tests, and much more for over a year. I'm a pretty good wrench, but felt the ZX 14 was to time consuming of a bike ( valve train)
To purchase. Reports all sided as the Gen 2 Hayabusa being the better handler of the two.
That was what I wanted. Out of the box the ZX14R
has better brakes, and 27 more Hp and weighs 4 pounds more than a Hayabusa. Today a out of the Box 14R has 13 more hp, but weighs 89 pounds more than my Hayabusa.

The Hayabusa is much cooler riding in the heat than any ZX based machine. The 11,12,and 14 all cooked me here in south Texas. The bird does not. It's better than my FJR was also.

There are two members on Hayabusa.org who own both gen 2 Hayabusa's and ZX14'S at the same time.
They have said the bird is a better mountain rider while
ZX was a better city machine.