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    “Why We Ride” book share- pay it forward

    I bought this book by Mark Barnes, PhD and enjoyed it. Now, I’d like to pay it forward and start a book share among members. All I ask if that the person who has just read the book pay the USPS Media Mail shipping costs to the next in line. For the US, that cost should be around $3.

    OK, who wants to read it next? PM me your mailing address and it ships on Monday. Thanks.
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    Depends on who wants to know.........and why.

    Re: “Why We Ride” book share- pay it forward

    Great idea and a very nice gesture.

    But......I don't need anyone telling me why I ride. I figured that out all by myself, a very long time ago. Nothing has changed in the interim.
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    Re: “Why We Ride” book share- pay it forward

    Good book I'm about half way through it , I like his story's
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