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    Custom Z900RS (Back Once Again with the Renegade Master...)

    UK members will get the title...

    Long time no talk - hope you all are doing well. You may remember me from a couple of years ago. If you recall I broke up my custom ZRX and you guys helped my out by buying all the parts. And last year I moved from CA to MN with work.

    Well I couldn't resist blowing money bolting bling onto a Kawa... and when a cheap black Z900RS came up in Milwaukee I hooked up my trailer and jumped on it. The bike was only $9K new, but of course, money saved means more money for mods (!)

    I ran into Old Kawboy on the Z900RS Forum, which was great. Other than that its not the same fanaticism that ZRXOA owners have - you guys are the best!

    So to the bike: I always had a thing for that Bull Dock Z1 in Nitron colors,

    and once I bought the Nitron shock for the Z900RS - the rest just kind of happened...


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