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Thread: Z125 Owners::

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    Z125 Owners::


    WARNING: ELS Products MAY CONTAIN, or be Made With, Patented Parts, Tools, Components and/or Apparati. Manufacturing Facility DOES Contain Nuts.

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    Re: Z125 Owners::

    thats really pretty cool
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    Re: Z125 Owners::

    They should finish with the lowers

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    Re: Z125 Owners::

    Makes me want a Z125.
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    Re: Z125 Owners::

    Well, at least it's not the stupid phvcking stock rotors.

    In case anyone needs a reminder on what she looks like from Mama Kawasaki.............with a few tasteful mods..............
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    Re: Z125 Owners::

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    Mine is stock too, but I need rotors next time I'm not broke
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