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Thread: Test

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    This is a test Im new to the forum and im trying to find some parts to a zrx2001 1200 Im looking for the clutch , clutch basket and all the parts that go with that. What I'm doing is putting a 1200 motor in an 1100 frame i was going to put the 1200 swing arm on but after putting it all tougher i figured out that the only way to do that is to buy all the parts in a 1200 rear end including axle spacers and rims http://www.zrxoa.org/forums/images/s...oh.gifalthough If some one has all those sitting around let me know. Anyway if you have a complete clutch basket and all the parts or know where i can get one please let me know. Any help would be great!!

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    Re: Test

    Welcome to the ZRXOA!!!!!!!

    Please post your ZRX parts needs here >>> http://www.zrxoa.org/forums/forumdis...X-Parts-Wanted
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    Re: Test

    The outer basket is different 1100/1200, the tooth count is the same, the tooth pitch is different.


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    Re: Test

    What does the clutch have to do with a swingarm, or are these two different challenges?
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    Re: Test

    Hey, this is just a test thread, Puscato prolly didn't know it would show up.


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