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    Re: Kick stand thingy

    Out of curiosity what ever happened to parking puck guy ? He made a nice one out hockey pucks
    Johnnie Phatt
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    Depends on who wants to know.........and why.

    Re: Kick stand thingy

    Been riding on the streets now for over 48 years. Never found the need to have one.

    I'm thinking at this stage in my life, if I haven't needed one by now, I'll probably be okay.
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    Kick stand thingy

    I only need one once a year. When parking in the grass at Laguna Seca for WSBK/AMA.
    Arash (pronounced "our-ash")

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    Re: Kick stand thingy

    I never leave home without one, been too many places where I've went through garbage cans looking for something. Of course I'm a hillbilly and ride on backroads alot where the roads are not so good. Even seen bikes on their sides from hot asphalt.
    It's just cheap, easy to carry insurance for me.
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