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    New, but just to this Board
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    Finally, i am here

    Hey, thanks for letting me in. Finally found a zrx after months of searching. Looking forward to being here. Thanks

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    Re: Finally, i am here


    Hide your wallet and credit cards

    And we NEED pictures .....please
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    Re: Finally, i am here

    Welcome to the house.

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    Re: Finally, i am here

    Name:  Welcome Ya'll  ZRX.jpg
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    Without pictures, it never happened!!!!!!!!!!
    Big Harry

    "As you swim the river of life, do the breast stroke. It helps to clear the turds from your path!"
    George Carlin

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    Re: Finally, i am here


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    Re: Finally, i am here

    [Wiseco 1109 kit 12:1/6 speed trans/CNC ported head/Muzzy X3 cams/Tsugiki pipe/Ladybird can/ZX11 ignition/ELS+2 ignition rotor/CVK 40 carbs/BEAR Racing Velocity Stacks/stock CVK36 springs/192 keihin mains/FP K87 TI needles/3rd clip/42 pilots/pilot screws 3 turns out/float level 14mm/K&N pod air filters/Billet Thug Fork Yokes/ZX10 front end/ZX10 wheels/1200 swing arm/Ohlins HO 417 rear shocks/Greg Couch 2 piece sprocket cover/ZX9 gauges/Speedhut GPS Gauge 180mph/ThrottleMasters ]

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    Father Joe
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    Re: Finally, i am here

    Hooowdy Stranger from Bamaland.
    I'm not completely useless. I can always be used as a bad example.

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    Re: Finally, i am here

    Awesome! Congrats. Welcome to the madness.

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    Re: Finally, i am here

    Welcome aboard!
    Arash (pronounced "our-ash")

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    Re: Finally, i am here

    You'll never know how fast you can go, until you go too fast.

    I have discovered that half of being a good rebel is knowing what to rebel against.

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    Just call me Gordon
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    Re: Finally, i am here

    Welcome to the OA

    NOV 2017 BOTM

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    Re: Finally, i am here

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    Re: Finally, i am here

    Name:  bc6d602b78e91f40c6c9fabeb4157fc0.jpg
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    Welcome and pics need to go up ASAP!

    2007 - Ixil SlipOn Exhaust, BW Headers, NoFlo's, Uni Pods, +4 ELS Advancer, FP Jetting

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    Bitches Be Krazy....
    What the HELL!!!!

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    Re: Finally, i am here

    Welcome to the ZRXOA
    Team Short

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