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Thread: bye bye.

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    Re: bye bye.

    the old girl isn't good as I thought it was.lol
    at some point the engine has seized up so that explain why theres gasket sealant all over the case.
    lots of work is getting done so it'll be like a new bike.
    going to cost me quite a bit of moola thats for sure.
    sold a boat load of un chrome kwaka triple grab rail to a regular customer.
    told him that I'll no longer will be making these to sell so he bought a load off me.
    which paid for the bike inc import from the usa.
    got all my money back on what I paid for the bike.
    spent 600 on the bike so thats all it owes me.
    will be spending 1500/180 uk pounds in getting the engine sorted.
    these bikes sell on average around 5000,nice little profit but not going to sell it.
    when I'm to old to cock ma leg over the seat then I'll it or if I kick the bucket.lol

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    Depends on who wants to know.........and why.

    Re: bye bye.

    Someone mention retirement?

    Yeah baby!!
    Speed kills..........but only the dumb and the inexperienced!

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    (Same as a friggin Pope) or (Gawd as it gets)

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    Re: bye bye.

    hm I wonder who it was


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