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    Questions for zx14 owners

    Wondering how a bone stock ZX 14 is as a daily rider? Long and short haul comfort. Two up comfort. Handling. Everything else. Any specific issues. Thanks all
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    Re: Questions for zx14 owners

    I have a Sargent seat and a LSL Handlebar kit on mine and it rides like a Cadillac. Lowered the front forks a 1/4 and shortened the wheelbase along with a 190/55 which helped with cornering.

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    Re: Questions for zx14 owners

    I found two things about my ZX-14 to be uncomfortable for daily and long-distance riding.

    1) The bars are too low for me being 6'2". But the Heli-Bar risers were quite helpful.
    2) The seat is hard as a rock. A seat from a Concours 14 will fit right on and is a LOT more comfortable. Not as good as a custom seat but they can be had fairly cheaply.

    Other than that the bike makes tons of smooth predictable power and handles much better than you'd think considering how big and heavy it is.


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