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    New here, Jay R, new old bike

    Hi Folks, well here is my new franken bike. Mostly a 2001/1200r, crashed at 1100 klms, salvaged bits applied to a 2000/frame, only 17000 klms on the machine, should be out of the shop today, safetyed, new tires, and just generally eyeballed by real mechanic. Happy Birthday to me!Attachment 0Name:  DSC00308.JPG
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    Re: New here, Jay R, new old bike

    That'll work!

    Welcome to the madness!

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    Re: New here, Jay R, new old bike


    Nice looking 01 I have one just like it

    Be safe!


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    Re: New here, Jay R, new old bike

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    New here, Jay R, new old bike

    Arash (pronounced "our-ash")

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    What the HELL!!!!

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    Re: New here, Jay R, new old bike

    Welcome to the ZRXOA
    Team Short

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    Re: New here, Jay R, new old bike

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    Big Harry

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    George Carlin

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    Re: New here, Jay R, new old bike

    Happy Birthday!
    You'll never know how fast you can go, until you go too fast.

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    Re: New here, Jay R, new old bike

    Heck yea !!! Welcome aboard

    NOV 2017 BOTM

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    Re: New here, Jay R, new old bike

    Nice bits, and the bestes color.. Welcome

    YTRAP, G and Joe.... sure gonna miss you guys...


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