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    Radiator leakage

    Has anyone had their radiator start leaking even though there is no visible damage? The coolant is spraying out where the upper hose is attached when riding, but the clamp is tight and I don't think that is the source. I assume there is a leak inside and it just blows back through the open area where the hose is attached. Before I ship it off to Mylers for repair, I thought I would run it by the collective. If it's leaking and no damage, is it perhaps corroded and I am wasting my money getting it repaired?


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    Re: Radiator leakage

    Its very normal for the top row to leak in that area, especially if not using the OEM shrouds.
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    Re: Radiator leakage

    I believe there have been a few leak near the top tube of the radiator and where it meets the tanks on the side of the radiator. I had one repaired by Mylars in that location. Another option is a radiator from Kwick, they are very robust and shouldn't have any problems in the future with leaks but are expensive. The cheapest alternative is ebay and one from China (some ship from the USA). General thinking is many of them will leak in the future. One of the important things to remember if you replace with a high quality or cheap version is open space between the top radiator mounts and the frame. If there is a gap fill it with a washer.

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    Re: Radiator leakage

    Thanks for the input gentleman. I am gonna ship her off for repair

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    Re: Radiator leakage

    The radiator breaking at the top rail caused by the mounting bolts combined with a lack of strength of the radiator body in that area is common even with all stock mounting components. What happens is the fins rip off the top tube next to the mount and sometimes this perforates the top tube. This is what happened to mine recently with slow, steady, hard to detect leakage. My other friend in SLC with a ZRX had significant damage to the fins but it had not caused leaks. Go look at yours. I bet many of them show damage here.

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    Apparently, to avoid the possibility of this happening to you, you can simply remove the top mounting bolts and leave the hoses and the bottom mounting bolts to do the supporting. This is the natural position on my bike...

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    I fixed mine with epoxy and so far so good. There are a couple of threads on here suggesting thinning some JB weld and applying vacuum to the radiator to get some of it inside to form a plug. I used the "put a bunch of the crap all around the tube" method and hope that it forms a stable mechanical barrier. I spent 20 minutes with a pin poking at the stuff from both sides and hoping that it met in the middle.

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    This is the stuff I used. It is a structural epoxy, pretty expensive, but I had it already. There's a great video on the 3M site of a shipping container being suspended overnight using DP420

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    Bottom line. This is a common enough problem that everyone should consider removing the top mounting bolts to avoid waking up one day to an annoying and expensive headache.
    Has anyone seen any long-term negative consequences to leaving these bolts out?

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    Re: Radiator leakage

    I'm thinking you should probably be ok.... maybe you'll get a little rattle noise.
    One look at your rubber grommet makes it obvious why your radiator cracked. Without the stock shrouds replacing the grommets every couple of years is critical. They're exposed to a lot of heat and harden much faster than grommets elsewhere. If you end up putting the bolts back, I'd definitely replace them.


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