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    Re: New Dirt bike, now I'm really sore

    Quote Originally Posted by 1980z1r View Post
    I think I might be changing mind. After work duty on trails Sunday morning , another MCMA member let me take his KTM 250xc 2 stroke

    out on trails. He said a lot of members with 2 stroke put the heavier flywheels on to broaden the power band - which also tames bike .

    Extremely light bike. Don't know yet. HHUUMMMM -2 stroke or 4 stroke

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    Most enduro racers still runs 2-smokes.. the XC300 is amazing for off road and tight stuff

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    Re: New Dirt bike, now I'm really sore

    Thanks for all the input . One of the things that I forgot to add was many also install a "Rekluse" clutch pack which disengages the clutch

    at idle without pulling in clutch lever. Basically acts like a centrifical clutch on minibikes - BUT will eliminate killing or stalling the engine

    if you get bike stuck going over tree branch or engine drops below power band. Makes bike act like an automatic. Talked to GM at Scuderias

    in San Fran today . I have done paint work for they on Ducatis and Triumphs over years and he says go with KTM 250 xc-w. The "W" stands

    for "Woods" and "Wide Ratio Trans" and do a Rekluse pack . Bullitt proof

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    Re: New Dirt bike, now I'm really sore

    I have a 250 XC-W and I love it. It's great for the trails I ride. But the suspension is not great for the track.
    Rekluse: some guys love them, a lot of guys try them for a while and get rid of them. They do make a bike much easier and idiot proof to ride. The downsides are that when going downhill the clutch will disengage and you will have zero engine braking. If you do any hillclimbs it is also a problem if you stop and the front wheel alone doesn't have enough traction to hold the bike. Rekluse makes a left hand rear brake kit to deal with that issue. Some people seem to have issues getting the Rekluse engagements points set up correctly. Depending on which model you get, the clutch lever feel may not be consistent
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