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Thread: KLX250 fix

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    KLX250 fix

    I bought a 2009 KLX250SF new. Had cold start and poor engine response problems. I read a lot and initially fixed the cold start problem. Recently fixed the poor engine response problems.

    No changes were made to the automatic compression release. All carb changes. Here's what made it start and run right.

    Starting with a completely stock carb, intake and exhaust the carb was first thoroughly cleaned using an ultrasonic cleaner.
    The starter jet was drilled out to .018. A .020 shim was put under the needle. The idle/air adjustment screw was set at 2.75 turns out. Main and pilot jets are stock.

    Bike cold starts with no choke or throttle at 75 degrees. When colder, start on choke, let run for one minute and turn the choke off. It runs with no stumbling and is very smooth. It needs a bit of throttle to start warm or hot.

    Hope this helps others who have problems with the KLX.

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    Re: KLX250 fix

    Sounds like the typical lean condition from the factory. My KLX400R was the same way, and it was for off road use only. Go figure.


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