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    How to block a forum from a, "Todays Posts" search

    Originally posted by Steve St. Laurent and found by ZRX24

    Guys - you can't post a link to your search results - those only stay around for 15 minutes and then they are gone. For anyone trying to exclude forums or include all of them here are the links you need to bookmark. Now DON'T click on the link and then click on add to favorites - because then you are bookmarking your search results! You need to copy the hyperlink itself and paste that into your favorites. On most browser you right click on the link and there will be either a "save link as" or a "copy hyperlink option" - DO NOT LEFT CLICK ON THE LINK AND THEN TRY TO SAVE IT, IT WON'T WORK. Here is the base link:


    That will get you the new posts for ALL forums including P&R and N&C. Now if you want to exclude certain forums go to the main forum page and hover over the forum you want to exclude and you'll see something like this:


    I took the beginning part of the url off there so that it wouldn't become a link and you'd see the whole thing. Right after the ? there's a 25 - that's the forum id. So if you wanted to exclude the Messages-from-the-ZRXOA-administrators you would add:


    to the end of the search link given above - but again don't do that and then add a bookmark. Add the base search to your bookmarks like I said above and then go and edit that specific bookmark and add the &exclude=25 to the end of the link. If you want to exclude more forums than that just put a , between the forumid's that you want to exclude.
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    Re: How to block a forum from a, "Todays Posts" search

    So I tried this on both the link for "New Posts" & for "Today's Posts". Not getting it to work.

    For example,



    They both still include results for the forums I don't want to see. Am I doing something wrong?

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    Re: How to block a forum from a, "Todays Posts" search

    I couldnt get it to work either. those directions up there are confusing.

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    Re: How to block a forum from a, "Todays Posts" search


    Bringing this question back up due to the reemergence of N&C (thanks BTW!). As I recall, at one time, N&C was excluded from 'New Posts' and 'Todays Posts' generic searches. And I think the information on this sticky may be out of date with most recent software (not sure I want to make too many tests from a work computer, if you know what I mean...).

    What's the consensus? Any easy setting to filter a specific forum? Figured I wasn't the only one wondering...

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    Re: How to block a forum from a, "Todays Posts" search

    I wanted to exclude some forums that have no relevance to the ZRX. The general information in the original post seems to be correct but the links mentioned above do not seem to work any more. Anyway, I played around and I think the follow does work now.


    Just remove the quotation marks " " from the start end end to reactivate the link.
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    Re: How to block a forum from a, "Todays Posts" search

    Quote Originally Posted by mbleft View Post
    I couldnt get it to work either. those directions up there are confusing.
    Yes, that is confusing. Try this, which I just posted in another thread for someone.

    Copy/paste the following link into your bookmarks with the forum numbers listed at the end (separated by a comma if more than one forum included). Don't copy the quote marks in your copy/paste. Those are simply there to prevent an auto-link from being formed by the message board when posting the link info.


    The forum numbers are obtained by clicking on the forum then referencing the link in your address bar at the top of your browser. "Politics & Religion" forum is 39 for example, so that would be the number your would add at the end of the above link to prevent it from being shown in the search results. If you use the link without anything after the = at the end of the above link, then you'll get search results for all forums. To do a "New Posts" search you would simply use the bookmarked link via your browser each time. Works great!


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