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    Re: Theft Recovery Advice: 11yr stolen bike shows registered CA DMV

    I agree with Bossracer. The chances of this guy not being a thief are slim to none.

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    Re: Theft Recovery Advice: 11yr stolen bike shows registered CA DMV

    I wonder if he has done this before or since. He may be really good at this scam and have a fleet of vehicle just for this. If no one complains and records don't reveal what he's doing then who knows. I wonder if the police know this guy.

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    Re: Theft Recovery Advice: 11yr stolen bike shows registered CA DMV

    As I've processed this and gotten feedback, cobwebs of 11 years dusting off...I'm 99.9% sure he didn't steal it back and here's why...

    The week I received the bike for partial payment on my camper sale was the same week that I got the "Dear Mike" news from my ex-fiance that she was splitting, for a lady friend. Yes you read that correctly...What that means is I used that address for the release of liability form that DMV has the original owner hold on to. I then moved, and the bike was stolen from the new place. It's really a stretch to think a guy from 2 hours away, would come to the 'hood of Oakland and track down this $2000 bike.

    Instead I'm settling on the fact that at some point between 2005 and 2011 the bike was recovered and since I had not re-titled or re-registered the bike, the DMV/authorities found him as the last registered owner and gave him his (my) bike back.

    So that makes him either an opportunist, for not contacting me. Or just lucky, because he had no way to contact me and got a free bike back in his stable.

    Not sure what my next move will be. Lawyer says I have a case, could go that route or the friendlier letter route or just let 11 years lie...
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    Re: Theft Recovery Advice: 11yr stolen bike shows registered CA DMV

    Makes sense. Send the nice letter. If he's stand up, you'll get it back.

    If not, you will never hear from him again, and you won't get the bike. And it sounds like your ok with that. It sounds like you would like the bike. But only if it is relatively painless.

    It only costs a stamp. Go for it.
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    Re: Theft Recovery Advice: 11yr stolen bike shows registered CA DMV

    What do dishonest people do when threatened? They cover their asses well, good and proper. And you know this to be true.[/QUOTE]

    Some dishonest types- hide behind organizational fronting and the effect of this on the expectations of the purchaser. They "know" how a mark is going to react based on "guiding" the mark via whatever deceptions/marketing/ double-speak's employed in/with the event.

    I found a late '80 fxr. Liked it, actually bought it only to find out that it had a salvage title- while on the phone with "Flo". I took the title back to the owner who was on his way to the bank to deposit the payment.

    I managed to get my money back. The owner played dumb mentioning this issue after the sale.

    Someone else ended up with it.

    Dumb luck that I got my money back.

    Recently got screwed "politely" by a car stealership on a trade. They ran the carfax. Found or suggested there was an accident with the vehicle I wasn't aware of.

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    Re: Theft Recovery Advice: 11yr stolen bike shows registered CA DMV

    I had this story that I posted on another site happen to me many, many years ago. I went there to copy and paste it here:
    I sold a bike to a guy (idiot#1) and he didnt transfer the title and sold it to someone else (idiot#2) who owed him the aftermarket pipe back after the oem one was replaced. Until then idiot#1 kept the title. But wait, it thickens. I sold idiot#1 the bike but he was 50 bucks short so I gave him the title but would not sign it until he brought me my 50 bucks, with a bill of sale stating so and he signed it. Well, I knew I would never see that guy again and that he would forge my sig to the title. It was only 50 bucks and I asked more than I was wanting for the bike by 200 bucks so I let it go like no big deal. A year goes by and idiot#2 calls me saying he cant get in touch with idiot#1 about the title and asked if I would go claim a lost title and sign it over. He had two sworn witnesses with a stamp from a notary stating he had bought the bike with no title from idiot#1 and also had a handwritten bill of sale. I go to idiot#1's house with idiot#2 to clear this all up and the wife says idiot#1 is in jail and that the bike deal was a done transaction and I could get idiot#2 the lost title, all of this we wrote down and had the wife sign also. I do my part to get the thing out of my name and get this all over with. Idiot#1 gets out of jail a few months later and repo's the bike from idiot#2, he still has the title I gave him that he has now forged my name to. Long story short, idiot#1 goes to jail for theft and I have to go to the police station to do signature comparisons and present the bill of sale and the signed testimony with idiot#2 who didnt come in the first two times he was supposed to. If it wasnt for signed witness statements I would have been jailed too. I pretty much committed an illegal act signing the title over. There is a form I should have turned in to the state once I let go of the title originally.
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    Re: Theft Recovery Advice: 11yr stolen bike shows registered CA DMV

    I sold a motorcycle trailer to a guy I know.
    A couple years later a car lot in northern AZ mails me a letter telling me to come get my trailer as they had no luck with the consignment.
    I should have gone and picked it, and my signed, notarized and open title, up and resold it.


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    Re: Theft Recovery Advice: 11yr stolen bike shows registered CA DMV

    CA DMV also has a fraud/theft investigation section. 800 # listed in book.

    Quote Originally Posted by bikeymikey View Post
    OK I had long given up this bike as lost, it wasn't a lot of money at the time ~$2,000...

    Making a long story short. I "bought" a bike in 2004 and before I had the chance to register it, it was stolen from my garage. We saw the guys on video, but no leads. Oakland PD came out and told me that since the bike was not registered in my name that I could not submit a police report, even with title in hand.

    I still have title in hand, signed over on the day of sale. There was no bill of sale on the bike from what I recall (11 years ago) as it was partial payment for an camper I sold to this guy.

    I was looking through my records for another bike last night and when I found the bike title, I decided to do a records search for $20 and the bike showed up as re-registered, and, interestingly, in the Central Valley city where I bought it. Hmm...

    So today I went to the AAA office where they have DMV services with title in hand. I explained my situation and the clerk indicated that the bike was registered to the guy that I bought it from back in 2004!

    I'm guessing that either the bike was stolen, recovered, and sent back to the original owner per DMV records, or it was stolen by the guy I bought it from (doubtful, seemed like a standup guy). Now I guess the original owner could have lost my contact info and had no way of getting ahold of me, but that seems to be a stretch. So I expect that he has the bike and knows it's not his...

    My question is, after all these years, with what I've described, do I have any recourse? I have the title in hand, signed over to me by the owner. BUT, I did not submit it to DMV within the 10-days as required and stated on the title.

    If I do have recourse, has anyone had experience in this scenario? Do I start with DMV? OPD? Police office in the city where bike is registered?

    Thanks in advance for any insight or humor...

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    Re: Theft Recovery Advice: 11yr stolen bike shows registered CA DMV

    I still say C-Y-A and go through the lawyer. That way everything is on record with legal documents, notarizations, and dates.

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    Re: Theft Recovery Advice: 11yr stolen bike shows registered CA DMV

    Just go talk to the guy.

    If push came to shove, your copy of title,
    plus furnishing paperwork documenting transfer of camper to him
    as partial payment would be enough for the judge.

    It's not worth the hassle for you OR him ... just go over there, say hi, and thank him for reclaiming your bike.
    I'm sure he'll help you load it on your truck.

    There's no need to postulate about the various possible conspiracies, just go knock on his door ...

    and yeah, see if the compressor is there too.

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    Re: Theft Recovery Advice: 11yr stolen bike shows registered CA DMV


    By the way, I wasn't listening in on you and your lawyers call... I just have ESPN


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