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    Aftermarket items

    Good Afternoon fellow ZRXers.

    I am the proud owner of a 2002 1200.

    I am on the hunt for some aftermerket goodies. I have been searching the web but figured "why reinvent the wheel" When I know you guys have all the answers for who has what at the best prices.

    I am looking for the best aftermarket seat. Corbin or Sargent? Where did you find it for the best price?

    Bar end mirrors?

    Steering damper? Not a fan of the side mount, unless you guys say its better. What say ye?

    I appreciate all input.

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    Re: Aftermarket items

    I say use the search button first, and then ask questions. Most of the stuff you're asking has been discussed to death already on this board. After you've read the info available here your questions will change.

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    Aftermarket items

    If you decide you want a Corbin gunfighter and lady (great for 2up riding), I've got one for sale right now on the forum.

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    Re: Aftermarket items

    Keep an eye on the parts for sale section. All of those things pop up frequently!

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    Re: Aftermarket items

    Like this damper.
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    Re: Aftermarket items

    The Corbin is a really good seat HOWEVER, it places you several inches lower than a stock seat. Just something to keep in mind.

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    Re: Aftermarket items

    Love my ZRXOA Member MrWog seat cut and recover.
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