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    2004 Kawasaki ZRX 1200 Review

    A must for all ZRX owners or enthusiasts! Check out this Men & Motors review I came across, they also compare it to it's closest competitors at the time.

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    Re: 2004 Kawasaki ZRX 1200 Review

    Thank You for Sharing!
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    Re: 2004 Kawasaki ZRX 1200 Review

    Can you imagine how much better they would have liked it if it had some mods?
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    Re: 2004 Kawasaki ZRX 1200 Review

    Good video, thanks. Always fun to hear what you already know.

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    Re: 2004 Kawasaki ZRX 1200 Review

    Kawi would win even by default here as the Yam, Hon and Suz were never available.

    Size matters, good thing I drive a huge bus.


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