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    Ipod Touch or Iphone 4

    I just bought an Ipod touch this morning. Refurbished 8gb 4gen touch for $159.00 at the local Gamestop. I have been using a Ipod Classic for years but I want to be able to use a Glucose monitoring app my wife has on her Ipod touch.
    I happen to stop at the Verizon store many hours later after I set up the ipod and transferred my music. They are offering the IPhone 4 for $50.00 plus $40.00 upgrade fee and tax. It would have been $120 out the door.
    I dont have a smart phone just a regular cell but I am thinking if the Iphone does everything the Itouch does maybe I screwed up. The downside is the Iphone would increase my bill by $30 a month for the Data plan.
    Feel free to chime in with opinions or comments.

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    If you have access to wifi in many places then you can do a lot with the iPod. You can even make Skype calls on it from Europe. The iPhone is great but that bill is always there. See how much use you can get from the iPod until the iPhone 5 comes out. You can always sell or gift it when you make the switch. Then the iPhone 4s will be even cheaper or you can get a 5.

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    Love my iPhone and other iStuff. :lol
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    Re: Ipod Touch or Iphone 4

    I love my iPhone, iPad, iPod, i everything.

    I still have a use for everyone of my older i devices, so I'd never see it as a waste. I've sold a couple older ones on Craigslist for some good money too....

    So, I'd say that you didn't mess up....as long as you go ahead and get the iPhone too!

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    Re: Ipod Touch or Iphone 4

    iPhone is a very good thing to own. Expensive to replace, as I have done several times. Go for it, if your careful.
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