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Let me put it this way. I will continue to ride in a manner that is determined by my belief that EVERY car out there is going to either pull in front of me/ run into me from the rear or if on mliti lanes, will move into my 'space" .
There have been tests done to prove that the human brain sees what it expects to see . The majority of the drivers out there have no association with motorcycles and therefore when they see a single headlight , for instance, their brain registers it as a car with one headlight out OR and this is the killer, a car that is so far down the road the two headlights appear as one, giving them plenty of time to make that left turn into its path. Result dead motorcyclist..

In my opinion, the most important thing Motorcyclists could do for their own safety is to have a ride-with-a-motorcylist week where every driver got to spend a day on a motorcycle . At least then, their brain would have a base , albeit tiny, from which to recognize us on the roadway.

If my slightly exaggerated "Invisible" concept keeps people thinking/talking about the dangers we face as riders, then I will keep adhering to the concept
Hey chrly, If it keeps you feeling safe and alive I wish you the best with it, It just seemed a little off to me so i thought i would ask you so I could clarify it in my head, Keep the shiny side up.