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Thread: Suggestions?

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    I'm new here and want to help make the board better. This is the 1st stop on my way to stardumb.
    I'd like to hear what-cha have to say.

    I will attempt to keep the section very updated. I'll prune regularly also as we don't need to have 3 month old CL posts ect.

    I'll be moving the bikes that are listed for sale in here to the proper forum as a FYI.

    For all the members we've lost - this board can only hope to help you live on in others. YTRAP, itchy butt, Gary1129, Mavwrek, Mitch#101 and all the others you are forever remembered.
    I have been to HELL. A loft with John T on one side and SS on the other That was a cataclysmic snore fest, weakening the tectonic plates Georgia rests upon!!!!
    YTRAP 2/23/05

    Quote Originally Posted by youngzrxer View Post
    Perko has a good point though....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Perko View Post
    I'll prune regularly
    That's what she said.
    Robert, Robare, Row-b-bear

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