Because of recent events, it was made evident that the way the rules were explained was not clear. We tried to use a line that was lenient, but in the end, was too blurry. So, we are making this short and sweet.

This forum is now a "NO FOUL LANGUAGE" (or any altered form of foul language) forum. This is a place for all of us and we hope that everyone helps to keep it clean. We are counting on those of you that regularly use this forum to help us keep an eye out. We cannot see every post that is made, so if you see something in question, please let us know.

We won't be listing what is and isn't foul. If you have to ask, it probably isn't acceptable.

These rules go for signatures as well, so if you have foul language in your signature, you cannot post in this forum.

Posts that break the rules will be deleted. There will not be a PM, or an email. We are all adults and are capable of following simple rules.

The post will go away.

We truly hope that this helps to make it very clear what is and what is not allowed in here. Hopefully, this will help us fairly apply the rules to all. Again, please help us out and let us know if you see something that is not appropriate.