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    Chinese 4 Wheelers

    Thinking about getting my oldest son a chinese 4 wheeler. He's 9. I know, I know... buy a used honda/suzuki/kawi/yamaha/polaris/bombardier. Well, the used japanese stuff around here is either REALLY used, or still pretty pricey. Anyone with any experience with the Chinese 4 wheelers want to chime in on their experiences?

    There's a place in Madison that sells some...


    That's only about a 1/2 hour from me, so at least there'd be someplace close that MIGHT have parts. Might head that way on Saturday.

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    Re: Chinese 4 Wheelers

    I bought my son a rocketa 110 utility style four wheeler and it has been very good. He has ridden the daylights out of it. Other than replacing the front wheel bearings,no problems. You will have to retighten all the bolts frequently.
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    Re: Chinese 4 Wheelers

    well being the engines/frames are stolen from honda/polaris they will do ok... ive had to work on them and when we needed a serivce manual there was no such thing...we finally got a sercive manual (8 pages) and there was NO SECTION ON THE CARBS WHAT SO EVER !!! NOTHING NATTA ZIP ZILCH !! guess epa wouldnt allow them to put anything in the manuals since they are chinese junk piles and didnt want us to play with them in the shops.... but anyway my point is ........buy one from the big 4 cause the chinese junk is exactly that JUNK.........

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    Re: Chinese 4 Wheelers

    We had one. Needed some tweaking out of the box, but once that was done it ran good. Dont let big people ride it, over 100lbs, or you'll break stuff like the carb manifold and shock mounts. Guilty. You can also open the exhaust, tweak the carb, swap out the ignitor, basicly tinker with it and it'll go better.
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    Re: Chinese 4 Wheelers

    I bought a 150cc for my daughter a few years ago and for the money($900 delivered) you cant beat it. I think they are up to $1100 now, but for what you get, it was a bargain. It has auto trans(torque converter, like a sled) with reverse, electric start, and full suspesion. Top speed is over 35 mph.

    Disclaimer: Mine is used to putter around the yard and go around the block on the street. I neglected it for a year and it ran like crap. Carb was all gunked up, electric choke would not work. Found a new carb online for $80 and it now runs like new. Parts are available at buyatvsonline.com and they are all pretty universal. As long as you understand its limitations, you should be O.K.

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    Re: Chinese 4 Wheelers

    The plastic is brittle as glass. Engine hard parts are nonexistant for the two strokes. The electric chokes are a joke. The tanks are fragile, leaking at the mold part isn't uncommon.

    Use it up & toss it. That's all they're good for. Even the Honda copies are far from Honda quality.

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    Re: Chinese 4 Wheelers

    I think we might take a look at them on Saturday and then maybe swing by the "real" dealership and see what's what.

    Thanks for the insight guys. Gotta consult with the wife, checkbook, and gut before I buy anything. It took me a month to pick out a toaster oven, so I move kind of slow on major purchases.

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    Re: Chinese 4 Wheelers

    Like was mentioned, the plastic is brittle, the controls are really cheap.

    If you look close, you'll see how cheap they are.

    You can buy a new one for $900, and have trouble selling it for $200 a year later.

    OF you can buy a used Honda/Kaw/Yam/Suz for $1500, and sell it for $1500 a year later.

    Which one is cheaper?

    Also consider the hassle of having it break when you're on vacation.

    Another thing to consider is NOT getting your boy a ATV.

    ATVs are gay.

    Get him a dirtbike. Dirtbikes are far better. They are cheaper, and help riders learn a little discipline before they get going too fast.

    I bought my boy a 2003 KLX110 (Kawasaki) for $650 earlier this year. No clutch, easy to ride. I really can't lose a whole lot of money there.

    He's 8 years old. He's a little too brave on his bike, but he's got good gear and a hard head.

    He's #110: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IGFg9Og7_0c

    Also, you can't force them. Either they want to, or they don't. My racer buddies, some of them have boys who would rather play with the rocks on the ground then ride the $$$ KTM race bike daddy bought.
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    Re: Chinese 4 Wheelers

    Kind of a sad story.

    A gentleman at work has a very good, twelve year old son, good in school, minds his parents, and works for what he wants.

    For years the kids been doing odd jobs around the neighborhood, saving up money to buy a four wheeler.

    He finally had enough to buy one, off the Internet, brand new.

    I suggested to the father, for the money he had saved, they young man would be best to buy a used name brand.

    The father was hesitant, because his son had worked hard, and had his heart set on a new one, the one he had seen on e the Internet.

    So the father suggested, the Son declined and the young man bought the four wheeler.

    It came in a crate, Dad & Son put it together, and it wouldn't start.

    They called the 1-800 service number. Someone answered, but they had no idea what Dad was talking about.

    The kid was devastated

    Dad asked me to help.

    Went over and found that the castings inside the fuel diaphragm were so bad, it wouldn't function. Replacement parts were not available.

    Long story short, got it going.

    You should have seen the kids face when it fired up.

    Bolts are falling out, threads are pulling out, heads are shearing off, seat has split already, and the plastics are cracked.

    I would suggest buy a name brand used, or wait a few years and hopefully the quality will improve.
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