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    Re: Exhaust popping on decel?

    lean...mine would pop til i put a jet kit in...
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    Re: Exhaust popping on decel?

    Quote Originally Posted by iaRIVR View Post
    So much information! I'd like to jump in with a similar tuning question. I just installed a DJ stage 3, muzzy header and leo vince pipe, and K&N pods. I had the mixture screws turned 2.5 out and had popping on decel, especially around 2-3k rpm. I just turned the pilot screws out to 3, and it seemed to eliminate the popping and improve throttle response, but I think I smelled gas. I can be hyper-sensitive, and I was looking for a reason to think it was rich so that could easily be in my head.

    I just did it tonight and could only take it around the block cause I can't get the brakes to bleed properly (another project), but my question based on the posts here is popping a good thing? Kinda sounds like a well-tuned engine SHOULD pop if I'm reading everything right. I have to say I like the popping sound...
    Smelling gas is a bad thing. You need to get it to the point where it is not smelling and not popping. Smell gas means it is still too rich
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    Re: Exhaust popping on decel?

    Well I love the BURRBLE popping thing!! It's an Inline four with quick throttle shut off. What should you expect. Maybe a BMW or a de tuned v twin. Or dont down shift at 6 grand like i do when hauling ass!!

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    Re: Exhaust popping on decel?

    check valve clearances

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    Exhaust popping on decel?

    Interesting thread. I have a EGT/CHT gauge on each cylinder of my airplane engine and I can control the mixture from the cabin from full lean (engine dies) to full rich.

    When you lean it out until RPMs just start to drop because it's starved of fuel, and then richen it up for best RPM, you see the EGT (exhaust gas temp) shoot up to nearly 1300F. Pull the throttle back abruptly and the high EGT causes lots of popping.

    Richening up the mixture cools off the combustion, lowers EGT down big time (600F) and then pulling the throttle back doesn't cause popping.

    It's counterintuitive but adding gas (rich mixture) cools the combustion process and smothers the ability to ignite unburnt fuel in the exhaust.
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    Re: Exhaust popping on decel?

    Does anybody know where the Bunny Fable went that is linked in Post #24?


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