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    Vintage Directory

    Here's a link to the Dealernews Vintage Directory. A list of all (most) of the dealers who carry parts for vintage motorcycles. It's in pdf so you can save a copy to your computer.


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    Re: Vintage Directory

    Thanks, Kurt.
    Didja figger out anything on the XR75 piston?
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    Classic & Vintage Parts and Services

    I rep several importers of Brit bike stuff, mostly Triumph, Norton & BSA.

    I'm a Sparx reseller, and I also sell all of the JRC Engineering line


    I do some biz in Japanese bikes, mostly Yamaha, but also Kawasaki & Honda.

    Of course, Powedercoating, Polishing, Chrome, Paint & Machinework.
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    Re: Vintage Directory

    I have nice reproduction rubber "Key Holders" for the US Z1-Z1A-Z1B and other markets. Limited quantity.
    45.00 ea . Shipped .
    Text to 559-288-1490
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    All my stuff runs.


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