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    Re: WOO HOO!!! New moderator!

    Congrats to you Wayne.

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    Re: WOO HOO!!! New moderator!

    I would like to welcome Mr. Skidchic as a fellow Moderator! I know you will do a great job Wayne!

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    Re: WOO HOO!!! New moderator!

    Quote Originally Posted by KWICK View Post
    There's not a moderator I don't like in this family...but, some might get irritated by me....oh well...I apologize in advance if it happens.

    Hey, you get a free Ti KWICK Key key now that yer a moderator!
    Moderators get keyed?

    Keyed up?

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    Re: WOO HOO!!! New moderator!

    Quote Originally Posted by lytnin View Post
    I bet I am one high priced slave because I come with a Harley...........
    Like those vibrations, huh?

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    Re: WOO HOO!!! New moderator!

    congrats Wayne you'll do fine til ya get the power trip thing goin on anyway
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    Quote Originally Posted by hydrashoks View Post
    in my efforts to continue to copy Rob....
    Quote Originally Posted by McGovZRX View Post
    You, Sir, are a bad, bad, tasteless man. Can I marry you?????

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    Re: WOO HOO!!! New moderator!


    Congrats !!!

    Modrate this


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